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2020 Best Tools for Online Money Making Business


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The 21st-century businessman must take advantage of the tools available online to create an auto money-making business in 2020 and beyond.


Over the years, I have watched many graduates frustrated after school because of their inability to think creatively. 2020 is not just a new year, it is a door for a decade.


Many stories are going to be rewritten. Small businesses are going to grow into empires and families are going to be built. The decision to be part of the success stories or vice versa must be taken now.

I have therefore going to introduce simple tools which can make you a millionaire in the decade ahead. I will teach you have to set up an online business with the smallest startup capital and grow into a bigger empire.


This is not from book knowledge, this is coming from my personal experience couple with others with time tested tools for success. I will start by telling you briefly about me and go straight to describe the concept of online money-making business.


I am Sampson Rockefellar Ampiaw, a trained Web Application Developer, a tutor, blogger and a minister of the gospel. Yes!, I am a pastor and shepherd the flock of God in Kasoa, Papaase No. 2. I strictly believe that God created man for an exploit, but the prowess for this must be put in good use, to achieve the given purposes of our existence.

I am the editor of Pentbooks, Ghana24 News App, and a fleet of mobile applications on play store and other stores globally. I have set up many website and content marketing system for many clients under one of my businesses The Elive Studio Ltd. Currently, I consult for WiseApp Ltd. in Ghana.

I am going to teach you how to become independent business personnel in the coming year without stress.



Let me say that this article will not benefit you if you are or carry any of the habits below.

Get money quickly individual: People who consider online money making as a quick way of meeting financial needs can never be trusted with these tools because they don’t have the patience to read and study.


Secondly, Sakawa mentality. Few fraudulent persons and their activities on the net have created an impression that the online money making business is a scam. Young guys don’t want to be mentored for online business, they just want to learn how to fake and pretend on the net.

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Finally, this is not for lazy people who don’t learn from laziness. Yes, laziness is a teacher of the mind. If your strength and blows can feed you, your mind must do that. I was not trained to sweat in hard labour, I knew I was intelligent and right from the onset, knew my advantages sprawl in studying.


This article won’t serve you if you are too lazy to read.


Today, I have three tools which can turn your frustrations into gold mines in your hand just using your mobile phone.



From this hour till 15th day of February, somebody can change his situation with just figuring out perfect materials for business. The web is the biggest market in the globe. It is opened for all types of businesses with absolutely no stress should one develop quality solutions for people.

Content in this study refers to any business solution which one is able to offer online. Everything count, from physical products, supplying of good and services, tutorial, jokes, fancy videos, photo blogging, designing, painting, storytelling, campaigns, makeup, and many more.

Millions of people are daily joining the internet. Most are coming for the first time in search of information gathering. If we can be in their mind and provide what they are seeking, we shall harvest plenteous, what the demand is worth.

Your content to start a business and see it established could be any of these skills that you have but you are search for employers and startups.
a) fashion house/sewing
c)event management
d)food stuffs
e)e-biz – online sales etc
f)transport biz – hire purchase etc
g) tutorial biz
h) property – rent, lease, sales
I) printing
j) Production – juice, sachet water, recharge card, bags, shoes, beads and a whole lots more.
Or you as well take it to the extreme, beyond what the youth don’t try to dare. You can start a farming project now,examples;
-Fish farming
– Poultry project
– Vegetable garden
– leasing of farm equipment
– Goat project.
– Rabbit
– supply of food stuff ( Remember poverty is a choice).
The skills above can fetch you comfortable life beginning these January. We will discuss more how to put this into money online.

#2 Market

You followers, leads and audience is the market for your content. To rake in money through the net we focus on the number of people who are going to follow our products online. The millions joining the web daily have a taste for something which is in your content.
If you properly link with them you save a future of tremendous turn around in your business life. The market sits on your social media platforms, friends of contact list, quality blogging platforms, mobile application, etc.
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I am going to provide you free tools on how to use your time on social media for at least 20 USD daily and watch it grow into an enterprising level.

#3 Partners

Quality Contents and Market need additional important tool called Partnership. Your content and followers enables you to partner with other businesses to make more recycling of funds. The best partnership deal online is advertisement. I encourage you to plan your life and partner with adsense for greater height.


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