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From Rejection To Cornerstone


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Wednesday, February 5


Scripture Reading: Psalms 118:15-29

The stone which the builders rejected has become the chief cornerstone. – Psalms 118:22


Years ago, I met a mate of mine whom I hadn’t seen since we I completed secondary school. While I was very pleased to see him, he kept remarking about how far God had brought me and how nothing in our school days could ever have suggested that God would call and
use me so much.


He was right because I was very reserved in school. His repeated reminders made me cast my mind to David, who was ´relegated’ to the wilderness while his brothers took up high profile military roles.


Just before he confronted Goliath, his brother Eliab asked why he wouldn’t return to the ‘few sheep’ he was managing in the wilderness.


Interestingly, when David defeated Goliath, members of his family were among the first beneficiaries. They were given tax exemptions and other benefits.


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The rejected David went on to become the king and the cornerstone of the family as well as the nation. A cornerstone is the first or foundation stone in a building. It is also known as the keystone. Without it, the entire structure could collapse. So who is this rejected stone that has become the Chief Cornerstone?


Peter answers this in 1 Peter 2:6-7, where he refers to Christ as the

“chief cornerstone, elect and precious.”

This was a prophecy originally given in Isaiah 28.16.


Christ was despised, rejected and shamefully crucified. But God raised Him from the dead and He was eventually glorified. Isaiah and Peter affirm that those who believe in Christ “will never be put to shame.”


They may be despised, but they will ultimately be glorified. You may be rejected today but get ready for a divine exultation. It shall be marvellous in your eyes.



Lord, turn my rejection and shame into exultation and glory.


Source: Dr. Mensa Otabil.

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