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How to download the 2020 Theme Songs of the Church of Pentecost


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The Church of Pentecost launched the albums for the compilation of 2020 Theme Songs in December 2019.  It is the desire of every Pentecostal to get hold of this much talked about album.


I am therefore going to show you how you can acquire your copy of the songs in your personal worship. Note: the theme songs are properties of the copyright holders, the Church of Pentecost Music Committee.

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Options 1

The most successful option for acquisition is by ordering for your CD from nearby Church branch. Copies of the albums are being sold for less than GHS 15.00 (USD 2.00) in church offices and local assemblies.


This option will work for somebody in Ghana or leaving in a place accessible to the church. I know most of you following us from abroad, especially places where you don’t have branches of the church reached are always shortened from enjoying from the biggest source of pentecostal worship through music.

This is why in my option two, we have made research and come out with so far the best online system for tracing pentecostal songs and hymnal with fully loaded theme songs content.

Option 2

Most of the social media handles of the church from time to time publish some of the songs in Facebook and Youtube. But after research, I found this mobile app created by Princess Melody and published in Google Play Store as the most organized system where you track all the songs, listen to them and read the lyrics.


The name of the app is PentMusic and cloud-based app meaning, once in use you backup content on your local phone for offline use. It contains all the past theme songs plus 2020 theme songs of the church of Pentecost.


It also contains the Hymnal of the church in clear lyrical arrangement with relative audio samples. The methodist and the presbyterian hymnals are also included.


So far it is the most reliable app for streaming music relating to the Church of Pentecost.


Download using this


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