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Jean Mensa suffers domestic abuse in her marriage- Oluwa Mangortey of NDC


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An activist of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) by name Oluwa Mangortey has called Electoral Commission boss Jean Mensa a “madwoman” whose marriage is full of abuse.

Mr Oluwa Mangortey who was peeved about the rebuttal from the EC in regards to the allegations he made concerning the alleged secret importation of biometric machines into Ghana said the EC attacked his person instead of the issues in its rebuttal.

According to the vibrant campaigner of the National Democratic Congress in an article sourced by MyNewsGH.com, Jean Mensa undergoes domestic abuse at home and is applying the psychological trauma on the opposition NDC.

He further asked, “May I know from EC Chair Adukwei Jean Mensa whether it is OWULA MANGORTEY she described in the EC’s statement as a “dangerous element” who will stop at nothing to peddle malicious falsehood to misinform Ghanaians?

“I read with glee the Electoral Commission’s statement of 26th January 2020, purporting to debunk allegations of importation of faulty Biometric Verification Devices (BVDs) from Nigeria.” He wrote.

“Where did President Akufo-Addo pick this MAD WOMAN from?”, he wrote.

The EC boss has come under a barrage of criticisms, personal attacks over its decision to compile a new voters register. The NDC and its allies in a group have vowed to resist the new register.

“If Mrs Jean Adukwei Mensah cannot manage the psychological effects of the domestic violence she continues to suffer, will her daughter, Nicole Naa Adoley Mensah of the Cornell University, kindly advise her mother to avoid picking fights with “dangerous elements” in society?”

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