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Living Word Devotional by Dr. Mensa Otabil – Gathering


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Sunday, January 5


Scripture Reading: Mark 4:26-34

But when the grain ripens, immediately he puts in the sickle, because the harvest
has come. – Mark 4:29

Gathering is “drawing something closer to yourself.” It is assembling, Gaccumulating or stocking up. In order to accomplish what God has called us to do, we must understand the following principles about gathering:

Seed: You first need a seed. This is the original idea, intent or action. There can be no harvest without a seed. If you want to pass an exam the seed you sow is what you learn. If you want to marry, sow love.


Soil: This refers to the environment. The place where you plant your idea must be conducive to its development. A talented footballer should not train in a metalwork shop. Sow the right seed in the right place.


Scattering: The seed must be spread wide. This connotes planting generously and diversifying the idea process.


Sleep: The farmer rising up and sleeping is not an endorsement of laziness. It refers to the waiting period between sowing and harvest.

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Sprouting: The farmer sows but it is God who gives the increase. The harvest starts with the blade, which confirms the potential. Then comes the head, which assures of the impending abundance. The fully grown head is the complete harvest. The sprouting or blade is only the beginning of the blessing. It is not the time for enjoyment.


Sickle: It is important to harvest immediately when the time is ripe. The harvest is time bound. We often lack the capacity to reap the full harvest. Harvesting is more difficult than sowing. One person can plant a field but one person rarely harvests the entire field. We need to build the requisite systems, resources and capacity to harvest. Without wisdom, you will fail in the day of your harvest.

Prayer: Lord, grant me the wisdom to sow and to gather at harvest time.

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