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Living Word Devotional by Dr. Mensah Otabil – You are able

Liing Word Devotional by Dr. Mensah Otabil - PRAYING WITH AUTHORITY
Living Word Devotional by Dr. Mensah Otabil - Prayer


I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

God will not demand from us that which He has not already deposited in us. He grants us the ability to do the things that He requires of us. So although our challenges may be very tough and intimidating, we are not left helpless and powerless. We have the equipment and the tools to tackle life’s many challenges. To face our challenges, we must know what we have:

We have God. The Lord is on our side. His power is available to us to tap into. His grace is sufficient for us. His love for us is unfailing. He does not leave us alone nor abandon us when we – get into trouble. In our moments of perplexity, He shows up in power to uphold us and carry us through.

We have Talents. Within each one of us are rich deposits of talents, gifts and abilities which are waiting to be discovered and deployed. God has fairly distributed to each one of us, the needed gifts to help us make our lives fruitful and useful.,

We have Wisdom. Through the word of God, we have access to wisdom beyond our years and experience. God speaks to us when we read and study the Bible. He shows us the pitfalls we must avoid and the highway to follow. He shows us the signposts to success and the secrets to a happy life. Wisdom screams from the pages of the Bible and those who listen and apply its lessons to their lives enjoy the benefits of life.

We have opportunity. All around us are great opportunities that the Lord creates for us. Opportunities sometimes present themselves in garments of challenges. Those who take the challenge and challenge and respond to it appropriately, reap the benefits of their diligence.

Prayer: I thank and praise you Father, for with you I can do all things.

Scriptural Reading: Philippians 4:10-20