Liing Word Devotional by Dr. Mensah Otabil - PRAYING WITH AUTHORITY
Living Word Devotional by Dr. Mensah Otabil - Prayer


In the multitude of my thoughts within me your comforts delight my soul. Psalm 94:19

What has been filling your thoughts and occupying your mind in recent days? Perhaps a loved one who is sick, an employer who is difficult, an injustice that you have observed, a longing that you have, or a sorrow that you feel? Or maybe all of the above.

In spite of his many tangled, confused, and anxious thoughts—the psalmist says to the Lord—your comforts fill my soul with joy. Although he describes the onslaught of anxious cares as a “multitude,” he insists that the comforts that God has provided far outweigh and exceedingly outnumber the stresses of life.

In fact, the psalmist expresses that the encouragement that God has provided in His Word is so intensive and so uplifting that he has been led, not only to be consoled, but to be delighted. This speaks of a transcending comfort that is powerful and substantial enough to reverse the very trend of the mind towards worry or fear.

Have you experienced the soul-delighting comforts of God’s Word as of late? Has your tendency to worry or fret or grieve been overruled to such an extent that the inertia of your thoughts is now towards joy and peace and satisfaction?

When one looks at the love and faithfulness of the cross, at the wisdom and majesty of creation, at the sweetness and surety of God’s promises, the anxiousness of life is overwhelmed by His comforts for the soul. “Rejoice! Again, I say rejoice!”

Prayer: Thank you Lord for your overwhelming comfort for my soul.


Scriptural Reading: Psalm 94:16-19