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NABCO Text Message Failure: how to fix it


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Approved steps for assessing NABCO allowance payment made today without receiving text messages.


Trainees of the Nation’s Builders Corpse, NABCO, have been in waiting for their stipends for months. Generally, two months in arrears, thus the months of January and February.


The official mode of payment is the E-zwich. This system however has no mobile banking service connected to it to be providing alerts for any service updates.


What is normally done is the reliance of Bulk SMS. This give prompt to Trainees anytime payments are made.

The Bulk SMS this time failed in its delivery. However, Pentbooks can confidently confirm that NABCO allowance for the month of January has been paid into the E-zwich accounts of all Trainees.


This time, wait for no text message alert, Pentbooks gives you an approved step to assess your stipend.


Have you been paid your allowance or salary on the e-zwich card? These steps should help you access your money on the card.


NB: Please do well to perform a “load function” first. It is the only way you know whether or not the money is on your card.





(Without waiting for text messages)

1. Visit any bank, Savings and Loans, Rural Banks or e-zwich Agent with your e-zwich card

2. Request to “load funds

3. Balance is shown on a printed ticket

4. Proceed with the withdrawal of your money, if you so wish

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