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Tend Your Garden


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Thursday, February 6


Scripture Reading: Genesis 2:1-17

Then the LORD God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to tend and keep it.- Genesis 2:15

The first assignment God gave man when he was created was to tend or take care of the place where he had been positioned. God planted the garden but the responsibility for managing it fell to man.


Wherever you find yourself today is not an accidental by-product of the circumstances of your life. You are there because God deliberately placed you there. God knew you before you were in your mother’s womb.


He brought you through a birthplace, geographical locations, career placements, relationships, situations and challenges. He has positioned you where you are today.


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In the National Service Scheme operated in several countries, your placement or appointment is to enable you serve your nation and also to gain working experience.


God’s divine placement is for you to tend and keep your ‘garden’. To ‘tend’ is to care for something, give it your attention and make it function at an optimum. God expects your presence to be beneficial wherever he places you, whether it be your home, marriage, workplace, community or nation.


Tend it, take care of it, watch over it and, most importantly, KEEP OR PRESERVE IT. That means you ensure it stays alive, keeps growing and does not slip from your hands. Keeping requires a sense of ownership. commitment and responsibility.


Do not lose your faith, your marriage your business or whatever God has connected you to. Remember your mandate. God ‘took’ you and ‘put’ you here. Are you ‘tending and ‘keeping’ your garden?



Help me, Lord, to preserve and to continually enhance that which you have committed to me.


Source: Dr.Mensa Otabil.

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