The table below contains all the elements in the HTML standard up to the latest version, HTML5. The table categorizes the elements along with a short description of its purpose. Read more about html elements in this post and attributes.

TagShort description


<html>Comprises the whole document


<head>Marks the header block of HTML Page
<title>Defines the page title
<base>Places a base directory to fix relative URIs
<link>Gives relational information for documents
<meta>Provides  information in the browser for the document
<style>Contains presentational attributes


<body>Contains all renderable elements
<article>Contains distributable content
<section>Defines a section of the document
<nav>Defines a navigation section
<aside>Holds content only slightly related
<h1>Inserts a level 1 heading
<h2>Inserts a level 2 heading
<h3>Inserts a level 3 heading
<h4>Inserts a level 4 heading
<h5>Inserts a level 5 heading
<h6>Inserts a level 6 heading
<hgroup>Groups consecutive headings
<header>Contains the header of a section
<footer>Contains the footer of a section
<address>Provides contact information
<p>Inserts a paragraph
<hr>Draws a horizontal line or rule
<pre>Defines a block of preformatted text
<blockquote>Block level quotation
<ol>Inserts an ordered list
<ul>Inserts an unordered list
<menu>Inserts a toolbar menu
<li>Defines a list item
<dl>Inserts a definitions list
<dt>Inserts a term in a list
<dd>Provides descriptions in a list
<figure>Marks its content as a reference
<figcaption>Provides a caption for a figure
<main>Acts as a main container for elements
<div>Defines a block of content


<a>Inserts links or bookmarks
<em>Indicates emphasis
<strong>Indicates strong emphasis
<small>Renders text in “small” font
<s>Content no longer accurate or relevant
<cite>Inserts a citation or reference
<q>Inserts an inline quotation
<dfn>Provides a definition for a term
<abbr>Explains abbreviations
<ruby>Inserts ruby annotated text
<rt>Provides a ruby annotation
<rp>Makes text to be ignored in ruby
<data>Provides a machine-readable version
<time>Represents a date and/or time
<code>Represents computer code
<var>Indicates an instance of a variable
<samp>Contains a program’s sample output
<kbd>Represents text entered by users
<sub>Defines subscript text
<sup>Defines superscript text
<i>Renders italic text
<b>Text in bold style
<u>Represents non-textual annotations
<mark>Marks text in another document
<bdi>Isolates for bidirectional formatting
<bdo>Overrides the bidirectional algorithm
<span>Assings attributes to text (inline)
<br>Forces a line break
<wbr>Represents a line break opportunity


<ins>Indicates inserted text
<del>Indicates deleted text


<picture>Inserts a multi-source image
<source>Specifies alternative media resources
<img>Inserts an image
<iframe>Inserts a frame inside a document
<embed>Integrates external applications
<object>Runs external applications
<param>Sets a parameter for an object
<video>Inserts videos in the document
<audio>Inserts audio files in the document
<track>Provides text tracks for a video
<map>Defines a client-side image map
<area>Defines sectors for image maps


<table>Inserts a table
<caption>Provides a caption for a table
<colgroup>Groups columns in a table
<col>Sets attributes for a table’s columns
<tbody>Defines the body of a table
<thead>Defines the header of a table
<tfoot>Defines the footer of a table
<tr>Inserts a row in a table
<td>Inserts a regular cell in a table
<th>Inserts a header cell in a table


<form>Inserts a form
<label>Sets a label for a control
<input>Displays an input control
<button>Creates a button control
<select>Creates a select control
<datalist>Provides suggestions for input fields
<optgroup>Groups options in a select control
<option>Inserts an option in a select control
<textarea>Creates a multiline text input
<output>Shows the output of a process
<progress>Shows a task’s completion progress
<meter>Represents a measurement
<fieldset>Groups controls in a form
<legend>Assigns a caption for a fieldset


<details>Provides collapsable information
<summary>Provides a summary for a details element
<dialog>Inserts a dialog box


<script>Contains scripts
<noscript>Provides alternative content for scripts
<template>Defines a template for data to come
<slot>Placeholder for data in components
<canvas>Renders dynamic bitmap graphics