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Why more humans are turning vegetarian


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Photo by Mali Maeder from Pexels.com

Becoming a vegetarian is a very awesome happy, healthy, and herbivorous lifestyle which is gaining dominance. 

One church colleague recently told me why he has started the journey to replace his diets with plant foods. Another, old lady from a local church I used to worship at Accra, also visited me with a basket of vegetables and schooled me on the importance of being a vegetarian.

Though, I have not being disciplined enough to totally go vegan, her lectures have impacted heavily on my understanding for the lifestyle. If you are contemplating on switching your eating habit. This post might be of help.

I won’t do long analyses as you know, I am not a full vegetarian

Vegetarians choose a lifestyle that help to improve their good  lives. They commit to consume  food diets capable to benefits them, and their environment. 

Here I highlight few reasons why people  are increasingly becoming  vegetarians, notably Christians in Ghana. The reasons cover religious, health, economical and amazingly, respect  for animals. 

I know if you’re reading this from Africa, you might not agree with the fourth reason but truly, most people are daily becoming compassionate toward animals in Africa. 

The first reason I explain is religion. Among the Christians the Adventists are the notable believers. If you are thinking of joining advent movement, then you may love to quite eating every mail because you are hungry. Others are Rastafarians, Buddhist, Hare Krishnas and Hindus. There has been very intensive propagation in Christianity which has encouraged people going vegan.

Health is another reason you may like to go vegan. If its the case, you are not alone. Research has proven that People are becoming vegetarians for better health. There is a proven statistics that proves your life expectancy shall increase by several years should you switch to be a herbivore.    For instance the Lifeextension.com says; 

Vegetarians suffer fewer heart attacks than meat eaters. Interestingly, this benefit dissipates as vegetarians age. For instance, one study showed that vegetarians under the age of 65 were 45% less like to suffer a heart attack than were meat eaters. Once vegetarians reached the age of 80, however, their heart attack risk was only 8% lower than that of meat eaters.

The economy  also plays a role in this, much of the people become vegetarian, influenced by their surrounding economy. Some years ago in Ghana, the poor found vegetarianism a better option.  Meat was costly than beans or mashroom, so meat is served only on special occasions, my village once in a year. Now a days the situation differs, meat and eggs are the common protein foods served every home. Somehow, vegetables are becoming expensive in some part of Africa. 

Finally, there is a pragmatical step to increase awareness of animal rights in Africa. There are steps taken to protect consummation of bush meat.  

The human body is very wonderful in nature and easily adapt to changes if we so desire to change things. If you find this post beneficial let me know in  comments.

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