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PENTBOOKS is an ultimate first class web application designed to meet user-specification in educational resources among Pentecostals and Charismatic.
This digital platform offers the best online library showcasing African Theology and Evangelical ideology as sprang out in Africa during the nineteenth century.
This site offers user ability to stream FREE TO AIR internet TV around the globe. We are not the source of the Streaming service ourselves, we have designed this application to assist individuals who aim to watch already in existing broadcast channels over the internet on their personal computers and mobile gadgets.
It was developed by Sampson Rockefellar Ampiaw an evangelist , and a trained Web developer by BlueCrest University College in Ghana. His huge  background in Pentecostalism and technology is what this blog seeks to publish.




Dorcas Bakery Papaase
Kasoa, Central Region

Phone: +233.2431.0651.12
Email: [email protected]
Web: Pentbooks.com

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